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Tamara's Future

Tamara's Future Gage Lightgo is a space pirate. He’s been searching for Tamara for three years, ever since she ran off with the score from their last job. No woman arouses him more but he missed his chance to bed her back then. That error will be corrected soon. And she really could use lessons in honesty and trust.

Gage kidnaps and imprisons Tamara—but she still won’t have sex with him. She wants him, no doubt there. He just has to break down her resistance. He’ll discover all her secrets, open her up, and make her so hot she’ll never turn him away again.

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Stripped by Love

Stripped by Love

Daniella is running from an unhappy engagement. Her ex-fiancÚ has convinced her that sex should be sterile—a quick act not to be enjoyed.


Logan is emotionally scarred from a hot air balloon accident that he believes led to his sister’s death. He hasn’t flown or used his special playroom since those events.


Chance throws them together. The sex becomes intense as two emotionally damaged people find each other, heal their wounds and fill the gaps left by betrayal and loss.

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Inside Sanctuary

Inside Sanctuary Book 3 in the Power and Pain series

Stephen has decided to return to Sanctuary before his libido rages out of control and somebody gets hurt. Then he sees Mary and they share a vision, which means she could be his mate. He’s delighted. She’s not. Mary just wants a ride to Sanctuary, not a ride on Stephen.

Once there, he is determined to find out what she’s hiding. Why insist on visiting the most dominant sex enclave in the world if you’re not ready to submit? He keeps pushing her until she finally admits why she’s denying her true nature. She is so powerful that she burned out her last lover. She is fearful that Stephen isn’t strong enough to control her. But Stephen was born for this and he’s ready to show her just how far a truly dominant man can take her.

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Outside Sanctuary

Outside Sanctuary Book 2 in the Power and Pain series

Stephen just needs a little time to himself. He’s tired of sharing every emotion with everyone in Sanctuary. He longs for privacy so he leaves the clan enclave.

When Stephen is attracted to a human woman he decides to ignore all the rules he’s been taught. He quickly discovers that Darla likes rough sex, something Stephen does very well. He knows it’s dangerous, but really, what could be the harm in fulfilling Darla’s BDSM fantasies? He just has to maintain control of his powerful sexuality—not go too far—and he can show her how a little pain can enhance her pleasure.

Darla stands tied to a tree at an isolated campsite. She’s always longed to explore her dark side with a strong, dominant man. Stephen is sexy as hell, but he is hard and controlling. She is starting to question her decision to meet him in this isolated spot. He might be more than she can handle.

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Releasing Kate

Releasing Kate Book 1 in the Power and Pain series

Kate Logan is unaware of her genetic imprint. All her life, she’s suppressed the dark longings that haunt her. Twenty-first-century women should not want alpha males to protect or dominate them. /> Michael Kyle immediately recognizes Kate as his mate. He can send violent sexual visions to her but she doesn’t seem to understand what that means. She’s unaware and untrained.

He’s ready to show Kate that pain can liberate her pleasure. But first, he has to break through her resistance. She thinks her needs are wrong and fears her craving to submit to the sexual demands of this dominant man. Michael has to be patient—gradually increase her sexual pain to free her sexual pleasure and acceptance of her submissive heritage.

If he rushes the process, if he can’t break through her barriers…she won’t survive their mating.

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Linking Shelley

Linking Shelley Shelley's friend Marissa has gone missing on Darinth, a planet known throughout the galaxy for its dominant men and ruthless treatment of women. Shelley's struggle to find Marissa is thwarted by Talcor, a Darinthian man, who claims Marissa has gotten married and is on her honeymoon.

Shelley doesn't believe her friend would marry in secret and despite the risk, she decides the only way she'll find Marissa is to go to Darinth. Angered by Shelley's defiance Talcor uses Darinthian magic to bind her in a relationship neither of them initially wants.


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Mastering Marissa

Mastering Marissa Marissa stared at the cold metal encircling her wrists and ankles. How much longer could she hold out? She shivered in a vain attempt to ease her chill as kaleidoscopic flashes of memory played in her head. Her father’s assurances of safety, her friend’s vehement arguments against this trip and her first sight of Kytar circled in an endless loop.

Kytar watched Marissa struggle. He hadn’t counted on the magic of the binding trapping them both. He longed to ease her fears but knew he had to break her defiance before they faced the ancient challenge ritual. Failure meant death. He wouldn’t fail.

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